Our Story

Our Story

As a true wine enthusiast, my passion for wine started me on this journey. As my husband Dean and I enjoyed various wines, we admired the beauty of the bottles: the colored and clear glass and the artfully created labels. We often talked about how they could be repurposed to enjoy indefinitely. One day, while lighting a candle, it came to me: let’s make candles out of the bottles! My husband Dean, an Italian full of zest and life, said “Fiamma!” which is flame in Italian, and our company was born! 

After some trial and error, Dean and I were able to fine-tune the sanding and polishing process and started to test wax and wicks. We finally found the perfect combo of soy wax and wooden wicks. These provide a clean burn, a charming soft crackling ambiance, and are eco-friendly. They are non-toxic and burn completely with no carbon soot buildup. Each candle is hand-poured and thoughtfully scented to be a delightful sensory experience. 

Though many of our candles are up-cycled wine bottles, the unique flame shape and clean burn put our candles into high demand. We decided to expand the product line to include various vessels, thereby giving our customers more options.

In keeping with Fiamma’s commitment to be good environmental stewards, all materials come from sustainable sources. The wicks are sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A. and come from an FSC Certified mill. All of our vessels are recyclable; though they are so beautiful, we encourage customers to re-purpose them. They make great vases, pencil holders, and work perfectly for make-up brushes. The glass vessels are so highly polished they can even be used for drinking, after they are thoroughly cleaned, of course!

We are constantly creating new candles and scents. Because each candle is hand crafted and hand-poured, you can message us and we can make any combination of our vessels and scents that you desire. We can also create personalized candles and scents for your wedding or other event. Follow us on Instagram @Fiamma_candle for our latest additions and seasonal candles. We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy crafting them for you.