• Bartlett Pear combines with white peach and crisp apple for the juiciest warm weather fragrance. 
  • Fresh Coconut swirls with banana and buttery vanilla for the most indulgent beach blend.
  • Prosecco is a bubbly mix of white peach, juicy pear, and green apple.
  • Sparkling Sangria is a delicious blend of muddled citrus fruits and red currant with a woody vanilla finish.
  • Strawberry Champagne is a fusion of wild strawberries and brut champagne on a bed of soothing musk and sandalwood. 
  • Sugared Citrus is an enticingly sweet blend of citrus fruits with hints of tropical pineapple, goji berry, and mango. 


  • Cucumber Green Tea refreshes the senses with crisp cucumber, lime zest, and notes of fresh jasmine and daisies.
  • White Linen is an airy blend of floral and musk reminiscent of freshly washed cotton sheets.


  • Bergamot is crisp, acidic, and subtly spicy.
  • Paloma is a bubbly cocktail of grapefruit and pear garnished with notes of floral and musk.
  • Pink Grapefruit compliments orange peel and white musk to create the most uplifting aroma.
  • Tarocco Orange lends its bold flavor to a blend of citrus fruits, berries, and vanilla.


  • Black Dahlia & Birch is a refined union of summer florals and birch bark atop earthy base notes.
  • Bourbon Oak No.2 is a dry, woody blend of whiskey and golden oak softened with sweet caramel and vanilla bean.
  • Goji Berry & Hemp is a sophisticated mix of pear nectar and goji berries contradicted by charred hemp leaves and amber wood.
  • Late Harvest Chardonnay boasts a full spectrum of fruit with added notes of spice to create the same sweet complexity found in limited production bottles.
  • Sandalwood harmonizes with rich dark chocolate, cedarwood, and jasmine atop luxurious velvet musk.
  • Smoky Suede is a decadent blend of tobacco leaves, lily, and leather.


  • Gardenia Grapefruit is a fragrant summer blend of citrus and sweet florals.
  • Lavender Vanilla soothes the soul as nutmeg, ginger, and vanilla bean warm up a bouquet of French lavender.
  • Rose Petal is a romantic union of velvety rosebuds and fresh foliage.
  • Tuberose petals release an intoxicating aroma that is intensified by fresh green leaves and warm amber.


  • Cabernet is full bodied with savory black currant and a spicy, cognac finish. 
  • Old Fashioned is a classic mixture of sweet bourbon, dark rum caramel, and spicy cognacon the rocks.


  • Apple Cinnamon is a delectable mixture of fall fruit and buttery crust on a brown sugar and vanilla base.
  • Cashmere Vanilla is a toasty blend of vanilla musk, light citrus, and warm cashmere that is sure to keep you cozy.
  • Pumpkin & Persimmon swirl with spicy ginger and sweet brown sugar for a balanced blend with blood orange top notes.
  • Oud & Patchouli is an intense pairing of sensual patchouli and earthy oud followed by a woody resin finish.